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Hey there! 🙋🏻‍♀️

In the Spring of 2020 during our first lockdown here in the US, I launched Astro Circle 💫. After losing my Instagram account in 2019 while quickly losing interest in others, I was in search of an alternative home to share my work and more importantly connect with others who shared a similar interest.

It had to be ad-free, private and most importantly . . . 

FUN! 🎉

Although activity within the community has waxed an waned over the past three years I have become re-invigorated with the upcoming launch of SPACES, a result of what Mighty Network is calling their new 'cultural software.'

When the company wide redesign rolls out (Dec 8) watch for some changes around the community namely the addition of new learning pathways and greater access to connecting with other like minded people like yourself.   

Membership is always free. 💜

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Study Groups

We deepen our relationship with the Moon when we set intentions, document our experiences and explore our feelings through monthly journaling within the pages of The Moon is My Calendar.